Upcoming Destiny 2 Patch Will Nerf Hard Light

Throughout Destiny 2‘s current content season, the Season of the Worthy, one gun has been a mainstay in the game’s competitive mode: Hard Light. Thanks to tweaks to auto rifles at the start of the season and the gun’s unique perks, it’s been the go-to weapon in the Crucible for weeks. That might be about to change, however, thanks to an upcoming patch.

Developer Bungie previewed the update it plans to release on April 29, Hotfix, on its blog. The patch is set to tweak Hard Light to make it a little less deadly in PvP. Right now, Hard Light is a mainstay of competitive play for a couple of reasons: it’s highly stable, making it very accurate at long ranges for PC players and its bullets can ricochet off walls–and when they do, those bullets do double damage.

Hard Light also currently lacks damage falloff, a major perk over other weapons. Falloff is the reduction in damage for Destiny’s bullets the farther they travel; most auto rifles can have their damage reduced by half at longer ranges, but not Hard Light. That has resulted in lots of players using Hard Light in the Crucible and the Trials of Osiris, landing long-range kills and taking out opponents around corners. At the moment, Hard Light is so dominant that not using it puts you at something of a disadvantage.

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