Valorant Patch Notes: Update 0.47+ Nerfs Raze’s Grenades, Adjusts Sage’s Abilities

Riot Games’ Valorant has become the hottest shooter of the moment even in its closed beta, but some fans have voiced complaints about the balance of certain characters, particularly the explosive Raze. A new update dubbed 0.47+ takes aim at some of Raze’s more powerful abilities, reducing her number of Paint Shell grenades from 2 to 1, and forcing her to get two kills before she can use the ability again. The patch also adjusts the sound effects on all of Raze’s powers to make them easier to hear in a chaotic match.

The patch affects several of Sage’s abilities too, though mostly indirectly. Melee attacks against Sage’s barrier will now deal double damage, and players will no longer be able to bunny-hop their way through her Slow Orb. However, if you walk through her Slow Orb, you no longer make noise, which makes it less useful as an enemy-finding tool. The update also fixes a well-documented bug that allows Cypher’s spycam to fire weapons.

If you still haven’t had a chance to play Valorant, you can get a beta key by watching participating Twitch streams, among other things. If you’re the kind of player who delights in finding ways to break the game, Riot is offering bounties up to $100,000 for players who can find and identify exploits in the game.

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