Virat Kohli Says, this Team can Make 500 Runs in ODI Cricket First – Before World Cup

Virat Kohli Says, this Team can Make 500 Runs in ODI Cricket First – Before World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup, hosted by England and Wales, is facing a question on every side before 2019 and that this time the score of 500 can be scored. On this, Team India captain Virat Kohli feels that England can become the world’s first team to score 500 runs in ODI cricket.

In the media conference of captains before the World Cup, Kohli was asked whether the 500-odd runs in the forthcoming tournaments can be touched.

Pointing to England captain Eoin Morgan sitting with him, Kohli said, “I can only say that it depends on these people. It seems that they are desperate to reach 500 runs before anyone else. ‘

Kohli acknowledged that a lot of runs would be seen in the tournament but due to the pressure to play in the World Cup, it would also be difficult to chase the target of 260-270 runs.

He said, “It will be a big score tournament but I also said in my homeland that chasing 260-270 in the World Cup would be as difficult as chasing 370-380.”

The biggest score

in the name of England is England’s name, which is the record of the biggest score in ODI cricket already. The team scored 481 runs against Australia in the record against Australia last year. In the match at Nottingham, England had won by 242 runs and it is possible that the score of 500 on this ground is possible. Aron Finch said that the

Indian captain hoped that the teams would be more cautious in the beginning of the tournament. The same question was asked by Australia captain Aaron Finch, who was part of the World Cup 2015 win-win team.

He said, “If you look at the last few years England’s scores are going up steadily. Make the highest score against us. I do not want to say who will do the first thing. ‘

Apart from this, Finch described England and India as a strong contender, saying the tournament would be quite competitive because all the teams have to play at least one match against each other. At the same time, Kohli also agreed with Finch that England will fall as the strongest team in the World Cup.

Sarfaraz-Kohli said this on India-Pak clash

Kohli and Pakistan’s captain Sarfraz Ahmed gave their opinion about the match between India and Pakistan in the Old Trafford on June 16.

Sarfaraz said, “The fight between India and Pakistan is always awaited. But if you ask the players, the way the fan sees it is very different from that. When you enter the stadium, you can feel the adventures of the fans, but by stepping on the field, it becomes very professional. ‘

Kohli said, ‘This is another match for us which we want to win as a team. Yes, there is pressure because the stadium environment is quite different but only before the competition starts in the match you feel it. As soon as it starts, it becomes a cricket match for all of us. ‘

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