WATCH: CS:GO player throw AWP to teammate across the Anubis map

Trickshots and using the different aspects of the map to one’s advantage has been part of CS:GO play. And in what turns out to be a hilarious co-incidence a player managed to throw an AWP to his teammate halfway across the map in the new Anubis map on Counter Strike: Global Offensive. We see surprising things on CS:GO every day and this just qualifies to be hilarious and an amazing trick.

This clip was shared on Reddit by u/JammersHammers, and it seems that they were surprised themselves at the result. The players in the clip were just fooling around and this was the result. The clip shows the player throws a HE or High Explosive Grenade on the ground in front of him.

He then follows it up by throwing the AWP in the air in the direction of mid. He times it perfectly hence when the grenade explode it ejects the AWP towards mid in a high arc that avoids the walls. And the AWP lands in the hands of the running teammate just in time to peek the doors.

This just turned out to be a happy accident that also makes a really fun clip. This is an unusual method of transferring weapons and the player ends up hurting his teammates in front of him as well as himself with the nade. But like some of the tricks on CS:GO this would just end up as a novelty since this is quite impractical and difficult to perfectly recreate.

But those that were able to make this happen would be happy to know that they created something that is quite difficult to recreate. Such videos are not unusual for CS:GO. We have seen previous videos where a smoke thrown from the A site on Dust 2 take out 1 HP teammate or enemy at long