Wendy Williams Slammed Kim Kardashian “Who does she think she is?”

Last day, Kim Kardashian had an series problem with fast food chain ‘Jack in the box’, she sends an corporate email or told them to message her direct. “Hey, Jack In The Box I have a serious complaint but I won’t fully put you on blast, check your corporate email inbox or send me a DM with direct person for my team to contact. Pronto!” she rage-typed. Thirty minutes later, she wrote a second tweet. “I would like to add that this is not about me or a wrong order,” she said. “Nobody recognized me and it’s something that I observed that affected other customers at this particular location that was concerning.”

Wendy Williams took Kim Kardashian down a few pegs on Tuesday with her scathing criticism of one of her recent tweets. Kardashian cryptically tweeted at fast food chain Jack in the Box.

Williams wasn’t thrilled with Kardashian’s apparent demand to be contacted “pronto.” “Who does she think she is?” asked the outspoken talk show host.

She also took issue with Kardashian’s vague complaint. “Don’t string people along. What this sounds like is you’re using your celebrity and your new-found business head for pomposity and bullying,” said Williams.

“There’s not a bone in me that believes she’s complaining because they left cheese off of a burger. It’s not like that,” the host added. “Maybe they saw a worker being mistreated or a worker do something wrong or something wasn’t right in the restaurant so she was pissed. She wanted to do good for the people, that’s what I believe in my mind. But the way she went about it just makes her sound like an a**,” continued Williams.

(Yahoo Entertainment)