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Why the ‘Center Stage’ Director ‘Didn’t Want an Actor’ for the Lead Role



After its debut in 2000, the movie Center Stage become one of the most legendary dance movies of all time. The story of a hopeful young ballerina in New York City could not have been told correctly without a lead who knew the drill when it came to dance. Amanda Schull, who played the protagonist in Center Stage, was a trained dancer — and in many ways, that was more important to the director than her acting skills.

Ethan Stiefel, Amanda Schull, and Sascha Radetsky dance onstage in a scene from the film Center Stage | Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

The ‘Center Stage’ lead cast member was a true ballerina herself

Entertainment Weekly interviewed the star of Center Stage, dancer/actress Amanda Schull, for the 20th anniversary of the film. While the 2000 movie wasn’t exactly a “box office smash” at the time of its release, for dancers across the country, it became “a beloved cult phenomenon.” Part of the reason? Center Stage is one of the few dance movies that depicted the ballet world accurately.

“I was cast because Nick wanted to get ballet right,” Schull revealed. Rather than an actor who had dance training, the director Nicholas Hytner sought after a true ballerina.

“He didn’t want an actor,” Schull told the publication. The movie studio was more in favor of an actor who could be replaced with a body double for the more technically difficult scenes. But that proved impossible early on.

“They actually went through a substantial list of actors who said that they could dance and realized quickly that it wasn’t going to work that way,” Schull told EW. The publication reported:

Schull — who had been dancing since the age of 3 and had just accepted a contract with the San Francisco Ballet at the time when she was offered the lead role as Jody Sawyer in Center Stage — credits Hytner’s determination to cast actual ballet dancers for the film’s long-lasting legacy as a real homage to dance.

Amanda Schull credits the director Nick Hytner for his casting in the 2000 dance movie

“He was a huge ballet fan,” the Center Stage lead explained of Hytner. While many other dance movies have suffered due to substandard acting — or dancing — Center Stage toed that line very carefully.

“Somebody else who didn’t know ballet or wasn’t a fan of dance or didn’t understand it probably would have hired someone and just had dance doubles and it would have been a very different thing,” Schull said.

Another reason Center Stage worked so well? The location scouting. Entertainment Weekly again:

Amanda Schull and Peter Gallagher following the premiere of the movie Center Stage | Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

The filmmakers shot all the performance and backstage scenes on location at the David H. Koch Theater (then called the New York State Theater), part of the Lincoln Center complex, for over a week.

“It was beautiful to dance onstage there,” Schull recalled. For a long-time dancer, it was something of a dream come true. The Center Stage star said:

I remember getting really choked up being onstage at the Lincoln Center bowing for this fictitious audience. I was just so swept up in the entire experience that I didn’t have an opportunity to think to myself, ‘Am I worthy of being here on this stage with these people?’ The theater was so gorgeous, there’s Peter Gallagher and Julie Kent giving us a standing ovation, it was pretty emotional.

Since her time stealing the show in Center Stage, Schull has appeared in several television projects. The actress took on roles in Pretty Little Liars, 12 Monkeys, and Suits, to name just a few.

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When Daniel Radcliffe Confessed Sleeping With Harry Potter Fans




WAIT, WHAT! Daniel Radcliff Confesses To Sleeping With ‘Groupies’ OF Harry Potter Fans

Daniel Radcliff became a global sensation after the raging success of the Harry Potter film franchise. Not just fans, the actor had in the literal sense amassed followers after Harry Potter became a culture more than just a fantasy film series.

However, Daniel Radcliff has often spoken about the kind of life he lived during the filming of Harry Potter. After opening up about his alcohol addictions during HP days, Radcliff had also confessed that there were times when he had slept with fans of the franchise. Yes, you read that guys! FANS.

Opening up to The Mirror, Daniel Radcliff had confessed to having slept with Harry Potter ‘groupies’. The actor was quoted saying, “I was always very nervous about the groupie thing. I like to like somebody before I sleep with them. You know you’re going to have to talk to them afterward, even if it is a one-night stand.”

The Harry Potter star further said, “I have… I mean, that has happened, but generally speaking, I’ve known the person. Apart from a few times when I was drinking. Besides, I like having a girlfriend. I have a crazy life… somebody will tell me we’re going to an airport and I know vaguely what we’re doing but I have no idea when so I take it a day at a time.”

Well, that certainly does come as a shocker as Daniel Radcliff played the very good boy Harry Potter through all the 8 films of the franchise. While that may have been Daniel Radcliff’s life during his filming days of Harry Potter, but he is now happily settled with longtime girlfriend Erin Darke.

Featuring Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in the most crucial roles, the Harry Potter franchise is one of the most successful franchises in the history of cinema.

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‘Avengers’ Star Paul Bettany’s Classic Response to Jason Statham’s Marvel Diss ‘I Could Take My Grandma and Put Her in a Cape’




Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Paul Bettany originally joined the franchise as the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S. in 2008’s Iron Man, moving on to appearing in the flesh as Vision in the 2015 film Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pulling double duty with on-screen and voicing roles, the British actor is clearly able to juggle a range of characters.

When actor Jason Statham made some derogatory remarks regarding the superhero franchise, Bettany didn’t waste time on responding with his own thoughts.

Marvel star Paul Bettany | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Statham says ‘the cape wouldn’t fit’

When Statham was first asked about ever considering a role in the superhero genre, the actor didn’t sound like much of a fan of the franchise.

“It’s all about money, kids pay money to go and see them,” Statham told Digital Spy in 2013. “The fascination is superheroes, it’s what people want to go and see but you wouldn’t get me rushing to the cinema to see those. I like the old-fashioned type of film.”

The Transporter star revealed that he hadn’t been pitched to play any parts in the films, nor was he interested. “They’ve never offered me a part in one of those and I don’t think the shoes would fit,” Statham said. “Or the cape wouldn’t fit!”

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‘Expendable’s’ star disses Marvel

Statham is known for his tough-guy roles in films including the Fast and Furious and The Expendables franchises. When rumors began to swirl of the actor joining the Marvel Daredevil series on Netflix as the villain Bullseye, Statham had plenty to say.

“Any guy can do it,” Statham told Italian entertainment site I400CalCi in 2015 of acting in a Marvel film. “I mean, I could take my grandma and put her in a cape and then put her in a green screen, and they’ll have stunt doubles come in and do all the action. “

The Crank star credited computer-generated imagery rather than the casting for the success of the films. “Anybody can do it. They’re relying on stunt doubles and green screen and $200 million budget,” Statham continued. “It’s all CGI created. It’s not authentic. I’m inspired by old real star guys that can really do their thing.”

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‘Vision’s’ Paul Bettany weighs in

Talk show host Conan O’Brien brought up Statham’s comments when he interviewed Bettany in 2015. The Avengers star first responded by praising the actor’s work. “I heard about this… I don’t know why anybody would talk smack about something,” Bettany commented. “He’s brilliant at what he does. I couldn’t do it.”

The Marvel actor proceeded to explain his stance on the topic, with a classic tip for Statham. “There are times when I try and do as many of the stunts as I can, myself,” Bettany shared. “But there are times when it’s too dangerous or it’s too tricky, and even the producer says, ‘This is too dangerous and tricky for you.’ You know, potentially, he should maybe think about investing in like an acting double.”

The zinger was met with whoops and cheers from the audience and host, where Bettany again emphasized that he doesn’t believe in dissing others in the industry.

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“I would never talk s*** about somebody else’s work,” he reiterated. “You know, I read the contract, they [Marvel] employed me as an actor. There’s obviously stuntmen in the world — you’ve met them, you’ve seen them. They are very good at what they do, so let them, uh, do it.”

He ended off repeating his recommendation for the Fast and Furious star. “But if there’s a really, really tricky scene with some very tricky dialogue, one might consider bringing in an acting double for Jason Statham,” Bettany said.

Jokingly coming to Statham’s defense, comedian Andy Richter came up with a possible reason for the negative comments saying, “He may have just been trying to drum up work for his grandma.”

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Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej Opens Up On Musical Work For The Documentary ‘Wild Karnataka’




Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej Opens Up On Musical Work For The Documentary ‘Wild Karnataka’

Grammy-Award winning musician Ricky Kej says he only creates music on sustainability as he wants the young generation to be conscious about the environment.

“I create music only on the environment and sustainability. I want the young generation to be conscious about our environment and focus on sustainability,” Ricky Kej said.

Now, Ricky Kej has just created a remix for the documentary “Wild Karnataka”.

Talking about it, he said: “For the newly launched video, I have created a fusion of the east and the west, where Electronic Dance Music has been amalgamated with Hindustani, Carnatic and Indian folk elements. It is a remix of the music I created for the ‘Wild Karnataka’ film. Musically, I have tried to portray that every living being is an important part of our eco-system in a fun and peppy way.”

“Wild Karnataka” focuses on the biodiversity that flourishes in the state. The film appreciates the efforts of the people, government and the Forest Department of Karnataka, who are committed towards saving some of the greatest natural history for the future generations.

The renowned English broadcaster and natural historian, Sir David Attenborough, narrates the English version while Rajkummar Rao has voiced the Hindi version, with Prakash Raj doing the job for the Telugu and Tamil versions, and Rishab Shetty in Kannada.

Talking about the music video, Prakash Raj said: “Every element of ‘Wild Karnataka’ shook me – the unprecedented boldness of the attempt to encapsulate the beauty of wild India in such a beautiful way has never done before. The music, every second of you, reminds you, and makes you ride along the rhythm of wild.”

To this, Rishabh added: “The music deftly reiterates the fact the every being on view is Indian, and I sway along with musical notes, up and down, much like our ancestors do in the wild of Karnataka jumping from one branch to another with glee.”

Produced by filmmakers Amoghavarsha JS and Kalyan Varma in collaboration with Karnataka Forest Department, the documentary will premiere in India on June 5 on Discovery, Discovery HD and Discovery Plus App.

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