Game of Thrones: Will Daenerys Become The Mad Queen in Episode 5?

Game of Thrones: Will Daenerys Become The Mad Queen in Episode 5?

We are down to two episodes and the final season on it’s end. This whole season didn’t impacted audience like other previous seasons and why not?

**Warning: Spoilers from episode 3 and 4**

We are watching Winter is coming… Winter is coming… from first season, when winters came in season 8, ends up in less than 92 minutes.

Episode 3 “The Battle of Winterfell” was extremely instance and epic, but how Night King was killed with one shot was disappointing. Fans already shows their disagreement and almost everybody hates that ending.

Episode four contains nothing but the death of two characters. At first, when Daenerys Targaryen and her army on the way to south on ships.

Gray Worm and Missandei
Gray Worm and Missandei (HBO)

Somewhere from the sea, Euron Greyjoy came attack on them and Daenerys loses her another dragon “Rhaegal” and they destroyed all Daenerys ships and probably some closest allies.

Raegon Killed by Euron
Raegon Killed by Euron (HBO)

In the attack, Euron took the Missandei. In the last minutes of episode, Tyrion and Qyburn negotiating with each other, where Tyrion said, “Queen Daenerys demands Cersei’s unconditional surrender and immediate release of Missandei of Naath” and in return Qyburn replied, “Queen Cersei demands Daenery’s unconditional surrender, if she refuses Missandei of Naath will die here and now”.

Qyburn and Tyrion Negotiating
Qyburn and Tyrion Negotiating (HBO)

Both sides plays their outstanding moves, but Tyrion’s diplomacy fails and Missandei dies.

One thing worth noticing that, when Cersei told Missandei, “if you have any last word, now has the time”.

Then Missandei just said one word, “Dracarys”. We have seen a lot of time Dany says this word, when she was going to burn anything with her dragons.

Missandei Says Dracarys
Missandei Says Dracarys (HBO)

The word Dracarys means, dragonfire.

After that, Daenerys Targaryen got away from anger, and why not she loses almost everything.

And there are lot more reasons why she could be a Mad Queen; like when Varys and Tyrion discussing for the right candidate of Iron Throne between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, where Varys expresses that he is opposed her to sit on Iron Throne and suggests Jon Snow for that because she can become the Mad Queen. At a point, Tyrion also agreed with his thoughts but he said, “what if both Jon and Dany sit on Iron Throne as a king and Queen”.

Tyrion and Varys Talking
Tyrion and Varys Talking (HBO)

Varys opposed this thought because he believes she will take all control on her hand, like she did at the time of North.

Well, there are lots of sign that proves that she will become the Mad Queen and burn the whole city. But who knows, what actually going to happened in today’s episode?

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