Xbox Series X Isn’t Only About Better Graphics, Phil Spencer Says

Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox this year with the Xbox Series X, and while the graphics will indeed look better than current-gen games, the jump in visuals might not be as pronounced as before in the last console transition. Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke about this during a Gamelab interview.

While the increase in visuals might not be as immediately identifiable with Xbox Series X compared to Xbox One, Spencer said next-generation games will feel more “immersive” thanks to the power of the Series X.

“I think we’re at a point now–with immersion, with the tools we have and the compute capability–that the deltas will be smaller from a visual impact, or that feature X was never possible before and now it is,” Spencer said, as reported by “And that might sound depressing to some, but what I would say is the advantage side of what I’m seeing now is really the immersive nature of the content that’s getting created.”

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