Yes, FF7 Remake’s Ending Is Bad — But I’m Still Optimistic

Warning: There are going to be spoilers, obviously. Read on at your own risk.

The impressive thing about Final Fantasy 7 Remake is how grounded so much of it feels. Even if you’re not familiar with Midgar, mako, or Materia, for the most part, the remake does a remarkably good job of dropping you into its world without leaving you to flounder. That’s thanks to its expanded character development and focus on the human side of its major events–you might be wandering through a fantasy world, but you can relate to the people who live there and their universal hardships and triumphs.

Sure, there are scenes where a guy with a five-foot sword and a giant man with a gatling gun for an arm ride a subway and discuss being inconspicuous. But there are also more human moments, like when the members of Avalanche consider the collateral damage of their mission to blow up dangerous mako reactors, or when Shinra’s employees express the fears they have about simply going to work with terrorist attacks on the rise.

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